Saturday, October 16, 2010

Make A Difference...


This morning at 8 am I was standing at the diamond registering for the day, recieving my t-shirt, and unfortunately missing all the coffee and hot chocolate... ;o(

Nevermind the fact that I hadnt got to sleep until well after 2 am AND that I had had one too many drinks the night before...

I was there and I was going to do my part of making a difference. There were over 100 different projects and over 1000 volunteers! Awesome turnout in my mind because our town is really small...

I was helping the Middle School clean up their courtyard. Raking, clipping, trimming, and sweating out what little moisture remained in my body... All in all it was a rewarding opportunity to help out and make a difference. Although in my mind, the courtyard looked a mess. Before and after. But, hey. Atleast we tried.

I really think that Make A Difference Day does make a difference... but... why does it only happen one day? Shouldnt we be making a difference EVERY day? Or atleast trying??

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