Friday, January 21, 2011

The Beginning Of My Writings...

I am Kaylee North, daughter of Carrie North and Bill DeRemer. Although, growing up you never would have known. I guess in more truthfulness I should really start this as, I am Kaylee North, daughter of Carrie North and Doug Barnes. Or to take it one step farther- I am Kaylee North, the product of Carrie and Doug Barnes, and Karen and Dean North. If you haven't gathered by now, my growth was a extremely delicate group effort of several wonderful people, all with their own unique flaws. The missing link in my childhood would ultimately be my biological father, step-mother, and three sisters that I never had the liberty of knowing until I was 19 and a freshman in college, but I digress, we will get there later. But through it all, I would say that I turned out ok.

I have always said (and still believe) that my life could be a movie or a weekly sitcom. So ill continue posting small stories and ideas that come to my mind and maybe you will agree.

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  1. I would love to see more small stories of awesome Kaylee-ness!!